Well I'm a bit late with this update so apologies for anyone who has tried to follow my guide and found it not to work. WIthout reinventing the wheel, my best help right now is to follow Twitter's own instructions here: https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/embed-twitter-feed

I'll leave this here for posterity.

Adding a list of tweets to a Joomla web page used to be quite complex, now Twitter have improved it by providing a script to place the feed anywhere you like. No need for a dedicated module, just the ability to add code either via an article source or via a module that supports code only. I prefer the latter using the FREE Flexi Custom Code Joomla module. The tutorial below will take you through, step by step, using the Twitter Widget tool and inserting the code into the module, then publishing it.

So first off you'll need to access the Twitter Widgets Publisher. If you're already familiar with both Twitter and how to add code snippets to a Joomla web site, just head over to https://publish.twitter.com/#  and input your twitter username, and follow the instructions.

But if you're new to Twitter and not familiar with adding code snippets to a Joomla site, follow these steps:

1. Log into Twitter, click your avatar in the top bar and from the drop down list, click SETTINGS.


2. When the settings window appears, click WIDGETS from the menu on the left.

3. Click the CREATE NEW button, top right and then select LIST from the drop down list.

  This will take you to:

This is the new Twitter Publish page and allows you to create a code snippet for all kinds of Twitter activites that you can then embed within your site.

4. Enter your username in the box in the middle of the screen and then click the right hand arrow in the box.

5. This brings up the images of the Display Options for what you want to display, in the case of a list, two options; Embedded Timeline or Twitter Buttons. Click the Timeline image.


6. Now at this point, you can accept the default display but if you want / need to tailor the Width / Height of the display, click the SET CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS link, this give you some control. The default width for the Embedded theme is approx 400px so if your site template limits this then that's as wide as you can go.

The display below will reflect the changes. When finished, click the UPDATE button.

7. Copy the code snippet produced by clicking the COPY button

8. When you've clicked it, the code is copied to the clipboard and you see this:

9. Save this code in a text editor like NotePad++

10. Now to put the code into a Joomla Module. Open the Admin section of your site and navigate to EXTENSIONS > MODULES

11. Click the NEW button and select the module you want to use. As mentioned earlier, I prefer the FREE Flexi Custom Code Joomla module as it allows for easy code to be added and is not interfered with by the WYSIWYG editor when trying to add code via the source button.


12. Insert the code into the code box. (You'll be glad you saved it in a text editor first now!).

13: Choose the location and assignment options:


14. Click save and then refresh your view of the site which you've probably got open in another browser or tab to see the changes. Adjust the module settings till it's right.

Well done, you should now have the list of Tweets showing on your site.


When I did this originally, I could only see the list as a single link to the tweets, the list below was not displaying. In the end, it turned out to be the Privacy settings I had set in my FireFox browser on my test PC. I had set this to DO NOT REMEMBER HISTORY and for some strange reason, it blocked the Twitter code display. Turning that back to normal fixed it.

I hope this helps and if you need to get in touch for assistance, please use the contact form.