This Roberts Revival - R250 - is a recent remake of the original AM only (MW/LW) Roberts R200. Whilst it uses virtually the same wooden case styling, the rest is much more modern. The band selector is push buttons as is the tone control. The Volume & Tuning knobs are of a similar style to the R200. You can read all about another restorer of more vintage radios here at the Radio Museum

I purchased this R250 from e-bay as "For Parts - Not Working" and was pleasantly surprised to find it had very little wrong with it. The main fault was the broken PP6 Battery connector which I was able to fix back together and secure. The radio itself was fully working although the volume control was noisy, so I cleaned that and the selector switches for good measure. Disassembly and reassembly was quite simple.

Sadly the paint colour of the cabinet coating (vinyl?) had faded over the years which can be seen when comparing the top of the case to the underside. I cleaned it all as much as possible. 

All in all, a nice little repair with a satisfying outcome. It will be put up for sale on ebay in the near future. Watch the repair process on my YouTube channel here.