I was born and raised in High Wycombe and became a TV and Radio Service Engineer after leaving school, spending the next twenty years repairing TVs, Radios and Video Recorders.

I moved on to Technical Training, teaching other engineers how to do all of the above whilst enjoying a secondary career as a Hospital Radio DJ and Nightclub Jock.

Marrying in 1985 I was rewarded with an huge extended family.

I continued to teach before returning to work for an international high technology company as IT manager. After a brief spell working in the communications industry, I retired in 2016 and in late 2017 I discovered Red Kite Radio

Music has always been my first love. Being in the school brass band and the national youth orchestra, I almost joined the Royal Air force Central band after leaving school, but my electronics repair skills were better than my musical abilities.

As a youngster and listening to Radio Caroline under the bedclothes on a small transistor radio, I built my own home radio station from old record players and radio receivers, and began practising the art of presenting, this helped with the teaching in later life and continued throughout with gigs and radio presentations for hospital and community radio.

I've been listening to and enjoying Jazz music since I could understand the difference. My mother had the radio on all the time and apparently I used to sing all the latest pop tunes as I sat on my garden swing, going back and forth to the rhythm of "Last Train to San Fernando" or some other popular tune.

In secondary school I joined the school brass band, my teacher Mr Bishop introduced us to the music he loved, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman et al and I was hooked. I started collecting old 78's from family members who were throwing them out in favour of 45s and Long Players and played them endless times on our old sitting room gramophone. I'm sure I wore out "Buttons and Bows" before it broke one day.

Getting older, wiser and earning a few pennies from fixing things, I was able to get a few discs from a local chap who replaced Juke Box selections. My parents gave me a tape recorder and I recorded endless hours off the radio through it's tinny microphone until I got a radio with an output I could match to the auxillary input of the recorder. And so I gradually built up a library, some of which still exists today.

My favourite old time artists are Glenn Miller, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz and Benny Goodman. More contemporary ones are Basia, Michael Bublé, Bob James, Earl Klugh, Diana Krall, Norah Jones and Caro Emerald.

I like to mix and match those eras of Jazz in both my private listening and when I produce and present shows on Red Kite Radio. I'm happy to be a "back room techie" and occasionally to step in now and again to keep the seat warm whilst others take a break.

Since joining and now re-joining Red Kite Radio in 2021 after a short hiatus, I have been fortunate to present many shows and in 2019, I was lucky enough to win the Silver "Volunteer of the Year" award at the Community Radio Awards.

 CRA Volunteer Of The Year 2019 Chas Large